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Notfallset: Überleben Englisch / First-Aid-Kit: Survival

Notfallset: Überleben Englisch / First-Aid-Kit: Survival
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Got lost?

No problem, with a little help from this First-Aid-Kit you‘re able to survive in the concrete jungle for a while...until someone comes to rescue you.

Give it away as a present or put it in your own pocket.

Matches + Candle to light the path home
Note with nationwide Taxi-Call
Sticking Plaster for any kind of wounds
Compass as you can find to back ?
Candy against hypoglycaemia
Safety Pin, you never know..
10 Cent as an emergency fund

Content List:
0900 11 / 22 456
www.taxi-deutschland.net (69 cents / minute)

Call a taxi nationwide in each city
with over 5,000 residents.
By mobile phone without the area code.
(T -Mobile D-1 , O2, Vodafone D2 and e-plus )
By land line with area code.


Tinplate hinged lid box
Size: 95 x 60 x 20 mm

The contents may vary from the picture. Is no cause for complaint.

The emergency kits are registered as a design!